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22.06 - 30.06.2017
solo show at gallery Stigter van Doesburg, Amsterdam

She has objectified herself into me. 

There is no difference between me and her and there is no difference between the ball of clay and me, between torn newspaper and you. Basically, there is no difference whatsoever. None.

As long as no one cares anyone can be anything and nothing at the same time. As long as no one sees your body you can be anywhere.

Would you like me to eat you?

I am one of her many representations of bodies but she refuses to accept her own as a part of herself. Look at me – I have only a face. It is her face you are looking at. One can learn so much by watching the outer shell and that is the reason she doesn’t want to be associated with it. She prefers to pretend that she can be someone else. That maybe she is.

Are you pretending too?

A real body and a caricaturesque representation – hundred layers of past and a clear idea. The real thing can be repulsive; it usually is – fat, hairy, bruised, mended, broken, dismembered. Basic representation is an abstraction of human experience. It s simple. It is perfect. It is not your own.

Ideas are beautiful and humans are not. But the idea of a being can be. The next step in personal evolution is to become an idea rather than a human being. 

She did it. Can you?

You desire to be like celebrities in glossy magazines. You desire to be like your friends on Facebook. Desirable life – what a joke! Ha-ha! It is desirable only as long as it isn’t your own. Only as long as it is an idea, not a real thing.

You will be fine as long as you don’t act on your desires. Don’t wear a crop top and don’t tell anyone you dream of murdering your neighbor. 

As long as no one knows it is fine. 

As long as no one knows. 

As long as no one knows it doesn’t exist. 

As long as she is home alone she doesn’t exist. 

Do you exist now, when only I am watching?

I am an idea. I am a fetishized vessel in which my maker is slowly dissolving. It is a taboo and a sacred act at the same time. I am murdering her and by doing so I am enabling her to overcome the human condition. Have you ever had the feeling that you love someone so much that you just want to eat them? I am swallowing her now. The subject has turned into an object without perishing.

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