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13.05 - 13.06.2015
duo show with Kaspars Groševs at Shanaynay, Paris

- Even though this hole is deep, its form is none

- And chalk and flint and chalk and flint

- And marble is shivering over the shadows

- and he

- he closes the valve

- he spits on his own head

- But

Next to the fountain that cries and begs

- You can have a sardine.

- And sleep, beautiful sleep, good sleep,

Good mud sleep, that…

- …drown thirst, muscles and fruit in the mornings.

- Dogs were barking in the direction where the borders stretch

- one two three

- time passes by

- some snake is wearing gloves

- in a dressing gown

- can I have a coffee? can I have a coffee?

- Wind rolls strange whispers

- and a German song comes to mind

- It repeats itself

- Naughty rain combs the smoke

- I continue you

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